5 Foods that Cause Acne to Watch Out for

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Marsha Beauty – Acne is a very common skin problem that occurs especially in teenagers in their teens. Marshalova may also be having problems with acne and trying to get rid of them. Knowing the foods that cause acne can really help you manage your meal menu to reduce the risk of acne.

Food Relationships and Acne

Acne occurs due to infection after a blockage in the pores due to sebum produced by the skin and dirt that sticks. You who have oily skin means you have high sebum production so you are more prone to acne. The production of sebum or natural oils produced by the glands under the skin is affected by the intake of nutrients consumed.

This is what makes food have a close relationship with the appearance of acne. Avoiding foods that cause acne can be part of the plan to be free of the problem.

Some Foods That Cause Acne, At Least, Girls!

Here are some foods that cause acne that you should avoid or reduce consumption to reduce the risk of new acne.

Milk and Processed Milk Products

Milk is a healthy source of nutrition and has many benefits for the body and growth. However, excessive consumption of milk and processed dairy products can increase the risk of acne. Milk has a high fat and protein content and can trigger the production of the hormone insulin and IGF-1 which causes acne.

The production of this insulin hormone will be higher if you consume processed dairy products with high sugar content. This causes milk and processed products to be included in the list of foods that trigger acne, which you should manage your consumption carefully.


Chocolate is a delicious food and has a lot of fans. It’s just that you who have acne problems should avoid or reduce foods with this ingredient.

Chocolate can trigger an increase in interleukin protein release. Both interleukin-1B and interleukin-10 both make it easier for acne-causing bacteria to infect and grow on the surface of the skin.

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Foods With High Glycemic Index

A high glycemic index is a sign that the food has a high sugar or glucose content. Some very common types of food we consume such as white rice, soda, packaged drinks, candy and noodles are foods with high glycemic index values.

High sugar and carbohydrate content will trigger increased insulin production as well as other hormones that increase oil production. The higher the oil production, the higher the risk of acne.

Fast Food

Most fast food products or fast food have a high content of sugar, salt and calories. That combination is what makes this type of food have a similar effect to foods with a high glycemic index.

Fried fast food is also a food that causes acne because it has a role in increasing the production of oil in the skin glands. Increased sebum production also increases your risk of having acne prone skin.


Foods with a high content of omega-6 fatty acids such as soy, corn and nuts can also contribute significantly to increasing your risk of acne.

The advantage of food intake with omega-6 content will further bring bad impact if you lack omega-3 intake. Omega-3 fatty acids have a contribution to reduce inflammation so the lack of intake of these nutrients can make your acne inflamed longer.

Those are the 5 foods that cause acne that Marshalova should be aware of and manage her consumption. Have a smooth face free of acne problems? Definitely can if you take good care of it, maintain a nutritional intake and lead a healthy lifestyle. Ready Girls?